I have a free pass to Vegas. Who wants it? Compliments EMLab P&K.

$399 value.

Only take it if you really are planning on coming to the Vegas Conference next week: www.InspectionConference.com


Someone should take it. Education, marketing, colleagues to interact with, vendors, etc.

Anyone want to come? I know it is last minute.

Can’t believe I paid with all of these free tickets floating around…

I’m going to Vegas and have a ticket and wife is coming with me so she could attend some seminars with me and see what us crazy inspector do for a living if she got a ticket or if not she can gamble either way good time.

Don’t feel bad Daniel, I am in the same boat…

I think they should only enter the people that paid into the grand prize draw.

NIck looks like I can not make it this year.
Business is slammin better than ever right now so had to make a call on it.

Plese give to someone in need .

Still trying to give it away. Anyone want it?

I would love to have it. I was too slow for all the other opportunities. Thanks!

Eugene, you got it. Email me fastreply@nachi.org for the coupon code to get your free pass.

Many thanks to EMLab.

Thanks EMLab!

Glad you got Eugene.
Have a blast and look up Ed Bauman from Chicago as he is short a Bud.

Thanks Bob. I am looking forward to it.

If you are single hit the cosmopolitan :twisted: