I have another free admission ticket to the Vegas Convention. Who wants it?

Don’t take it unless you are going to actually use it.

Don’t take it if you already registered for the Vegas Convention.

I’d like it to go to someone who wasn’t going to go, but would if I could get them in for free.

I would take it but if someone needs it more than me give it to them.

I need one

Robert, you win. Email me at fastreply@nachi.org so I can get you your ticket. The event is in your state.

Eric, I felt bad that you almost won and wanted a ticket… so I called Kevin tonight and bought one for you. Email me at fastreply@nachi.org and I’ll get it to you.

Nick Thank You you rock

Very cool of you Nick. I decided to wait it out another year or two. You guys have a great time!

Life goes fast Billy.

I would take a ticket if you still have one available.


I need one…

I only need it for Sunday.