I have Bad News

The Christmas party is over as of NOW. There has been a power outage in Boulders and INACHI server has went down. No idea when it will come back on. NicK is heading to his gold mine to get a generator.

Sorry, I will hang in here and post when they are back on line. ;-}

nice try…lol…

Sneak S>O>B

I’m in
Thomas Bloore
Geneva, Illinois

Had me thinkin for a second

No snow in Boulder until later tonight, Nice try. :slight_smile:

;-} I had to try lol


Now that is Funny!:o:p

Picture 4.png

NO hear that this is actually the case. It’s a Big Power outage! I heard it is acutally affecting the whole western sea board too! So good night everybody! :smiley:

Good night greg!!!

yaeh good night Greg