I have been asked and have applied to be on the Board of Directors for OAHI.

I have been asked and have agreed to apply to be on the Board of Directors for OAHI. I applied this morning.

Several at OAHI believe that I can be particularly helpful to turning around OAHI and making it a financially successful trade association.

If elected, I will have to sign a confidentiality agreement that lays out parameters for the treatment of information to which board members are privy.

If anyone at InterNACHI feels that I should not sit on OAHI’s BOD, please speak up now.

You would be classified as crossing over and must pass InterNACHI over to someone else
Think of it ???
If General Motors CEO sits on the board of directors for Ford
Won"t Happen.
You have worked your butt off to make InterNACHI were it is today and crossing over to OAHI would make many enemy"s in our home inspection associations.
It will be ultimitly your call, but with every action will be a re-action
Think it over well my friend

Nick,it is not even yet Aprils day yet

Nick,the message should read,its not even April fools day yet

What’s going on , the rat’s leaving the ship or what?:stuck_out_tongue:


Perception is everything in Canada!!

Please consider with caution and future direction as it could be perceived as conflict of interest in the short term and perhaps analyzed publicly in the long term.

Later this year the Canadian Home Inspection industry may go through a SH__ kicking and every association and membership should better be aware and on their toes!!

We can laugh at the producers, the TV personalities and the reality sucks TV shows but when the average Canadian becomes aware in the fall 2009 of a new televised inspection show by their favorite home industry savior, the industry will be immediately placed under permanent microscope or magnifying glass for the duration of that TV Series.

That being said it could be a good thing for some and not so good for others.
Time will tell.


Why would you want to help turn around your main competitor?


A founding father of OAHI (Harry Janssen) thinks this is a joke, is it?

Here is my message to Mr. Holmes. I sent it in on his web site where he is fishing for ‘problem inspection stories’. What an A-hole. I don’t expect that he will call !!:twisted:

As a home inspector I am wondering if I / we will be given the chance to rebut Mr. Holme’s usual load of B.S.Or will this programme be nothing more than yet another platform for Mr. Holmes to unload on an industry and it’s participants of which he knows little or nothing?
George Luck

And Nick, don’t do it. Why lend your support to an organization that has done everything in it’s power to destroy N.A.C.H.I. and by proxy CAN.A.C.H.I. ? Seems kind of pointless to let them benefit from your associations, knowledge, contacts, experience and stature within the industry.

I don’t think, in light of the immanent launch of CAN.A.C.H.I. that this is coincidental. Something about divide and conquer?

You were invited? Holy crap batman! What will they think of next!

I was at an OAHI meeting Tuesday and drew more than a little ire by stating I am a member of InterNACHI. When I pointed out the benefits of belonging to more than one organization, especially one that has so much readily available resources for the members and this is a direction OAHI should look at to make it’s members feel they benefit, and to grow OAHI membership, I had no arguments.
Then someone from the BOD made made this comment about you. “He is a genius at marketing.”

That is why I along with every other member has joined InterNACHI.   and will stay as long as I benefit!

 Come to OAHI!

Well, that was a nice thing of them to say, but I’m no genius at marketing. However, I’m pretty sure that InterNACHI’s 3 prong approach (member education, member marketing, member benefits) is a winning game plan when it comes to inspection association success.

I’m happy to help any association that respectfully asks me to, and so I will help OAHI.

I don’t really need a BOD seat though. I think they could squeeze all they need out of me in one full-day meeting. They don’t have to follow all of my advice but it would probably help them to listen to an outside viewpoint… and I’m happy to share mine with anyone who might find something useful in it. I’ll buy my own plane ticket.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Nick,[/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]This I have to see.[/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]NACHI was at the butt end of every joke made by the OAHI boys and now they are asking for your help…very interesting!![/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Do you remember the e-mail response from the boy’s? (Re-Success Seminar)[/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Unless this mentality changes OAHI will go down. JMO[/FONT]


Just to keep this from getting way out of hand, here’s what’s happening.

Every year OAHI members elect people to the Board of Directors. The other day, the OAHI office sent a notice to all eligible members inviting them to ‘self-nominate’ for a position on the Board.

Some member obviously forwarded this to Nick, who in his usual fashion has twisted it a bit to give it some legs. Neither OAHI the association nor any of its leaders have asked Nick for anything. Nick is playing games with this, and it’s good clean fun.

Even if he were to be asked ‘officially’, Nick is not eligible to sit on the OAHI Board because 1) He is not Canadian 2) He is not a member of OAHI 3) He is not an RHI in Ontario

Nonetheless, he’s having fun and that’s all that matters now isn’t it?

I can honestly say that I have in the past encouraged OAHI and others to work with Nick, but unfortunately his reputation with their leaders is almost as bad as mine is.

Bill Mullen

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Thanks for the clarification Bill; I had my own suspicions about Nick’s post![/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]BTW I hope you are well my friend![/FONT]

Nick, I luv ya but I’m getting tired of having to parse everything you say. :roll:

Did you take lessons from Bill Clinton?

You need to hop aboard the straight talk express and stop the baloney. IMHO

My application was sent yesterday to g.battaglini@oahi.com I don’t know who’s email it is.

No one ever believed that InterNACHI would ever end up doing a dual membership deal with HIF, but they were all wrong.

No one ever believed that I’d be a speaker at ASHI’s SE convention, but they were all wrong.

No one ever believed that I’d be a speaker at AII’s national convention, or that their Executive Director would do a NACHI.TV show, but they were all wrong.

No one ever believed that WAHI would rewrite their bylaws to include InterNACHI, but they were all wrong.

I already met (kind of secretly IMHO) with an OAHI board member and Bill Mullen (at their request) to discuss ways that I could help OAHI. Bill can deny it if he wants to but attorney Joe Ferry was present at the meeting.

I will not deny we had a meeting, but the reason was not solely to see what you could do for OAHI. It was a meeting arranged by me so that you, the COO of OAHI and I could discuss ways to improve the Ontario industry and perhaps find ways to work together. It was NOT all about you being asked to be a saviour as you are pretending.

There were three people at that meeting (plus Joe Ferry watching at times) and each of us brought something to the table.

It’s no wonder nothing became of that meeting if you were convinced it was all about you.

Bill Mullen


I’m just tired of the B.S.

Big deal. Anyone can send in an application.

Lately you’re to much like the boy who called wolf.

Few who have been around a while know when to believe you.:roll:

Michael, you accidentally posted too soon. Read Bill’s post just above yours.

Bill Mullen writes about our meeting: