I Have Made Some Bad Posts

Hypothecicaly, of course:D

Me, too…but I won’t own up to them.

I know you have Brian…:stuck_out_tongue:

That hunk of meat in the Barbecue forum looked real nice though.

I don’t recall whether I have or not…really :cool:

All of the above. :twisted:

Don’t sweat it. We all do.

Really???:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Good to know Nick.

No sweat Brian, always looking for your comments on things, and we all know how patient you are. :wink:

It is sort of a rhetorical “I” Marcel, so it could include everyones hypothectial “bad” posts. I thought that if more people admitted it, and picked a reason, we could all be absolved together and move on.:smiley:

Brian; Is that the same as resolve as the President B. would say or would it mean forgive like the Pope would say.

I will take may chances, You Are Forgiven My Son. :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Oh, so I guess taking the "What are you talking about, EVERYONE LOVES MY POSTS" selection isn’t going to be as cathartic as you hoped.

Can I revote?

Since confession is good for the soul-

I too have made some bad posts, I just don’t know which ones they were! :wink:

I can not recall any Michael.:smiley:

Very kind of you sir, but I’m quite sure there would be some who disagree around here.:slight_smile:

Micheal, surely you jest. It’s all rainbows and sunshine here on the message board. :slight_smile:

I see your wearing those rose colored glasses again.:):slight_smile:rose_colored_glasses.jpg



I felt like some of my post would win a grammy award, but when
no one read them or responded to them… it was the worst
insult of all.

So… here I am again… still trying to make a good post.

So far, my score card has so many red and green boxes
that I thought it was a christmas card…

But it was hard to read all the happy greetings because so
many people have peppered their messages to me with the
little %#@& in between the words… I cannot understand
what they are trying to tell me.

But the little red and green boxes look pretty… :mrgreen:

I am unable to participate in this pole. It was my intention to do so but I have been stuck for over an hour tiring to pick the most appropriate answer. Dam voices keep saying puck you and count them footballs. Sorry I have to go my shortcomings are long over due.

The reasons I may have mad some bad posts
I am two brain cells away from being Rain Man, cut me some slack
I have made what I consider to be humorous posts to hide my many shortcommings
I hear voices
I played a lot of Hockey,Soccer,Football,Dodgeball, etc as a kid and took a few shots to the noggin
What are you talking about, EVERYONE LOVES MY POSTS
Posts can neither be bad or good, they are just posts
My Dunlap obscures my manhood making me feel inferior
Something to do with religion, drugs, alcohol, gender, sexual orientation, hair color, shoe size???

MAN…I am TORN from all the CHOICES…is it multiple choice?

Hi Brian,

I would have answered all of the above but you forgot to add Rugby to item #4 :mrgreen: