I heard OAHI Board of Directors resigned today. T or F?

Anyone know if another inspection association imploded or what?

The board members were let go,(FIRED) from what i here…

Nick it appears that there is power struggle and 3 of the board have resigned. This includes president, vice-president and a director.

It is up to the OAHI membership to reclaim its association. That in itself leaves many questions still unanswered that have been at the forefront of many of its members for a number of years.

The last AGM was and should have been a wake up call for the “board” and hopefully more of its members. But unfortunately many of the members seem apethetic and too busy to get out and vote and demand change.

I commend those for trying to invoke positive change, however, in a democratic system if you do not have at least 50% +1 vote, it’s difficult to make that change.

Will it implode, and has it imploded - remains to be seen. But these resignations certainly does not offer a positive sign for the members of OAHI.

pity …

There is an old saying “You get the government you deserve”
All to often in too many organizations only a few take enough interest in running it. If those few are in it for their own self interest them those that sit back and let them have no right to b***h about.
If you want it to work you have to take part.
With that being said I remind all Alberta members that we have an AGM meeting on Jan 25 2010 at the Sands Hotel in Edmonton.
If you want InterNACHI to be recognized if licencing happens your participation and support is necessary. The government go by numbers and the more support you show by attending the stronger voice we will have at the advisory committee.

Vern I do not disagree that you get what you elect. But there have been all kinds of allegations for near a decade. This has caused quite a number of former members to leave, and in one case create a whole new association in the province largely comprised of former OAHI directors.

Simply, if you have enough votes, or in some cases proxies (votes) opportunities exist to change the outcome of a election. This often led and ended up with more questions and controversy. Even at the last AGM the members voted and the close changes propsed were shouted down by certain members.

I really believe the members of OAHI deserve something better than sanitized comments indicating that everything is just fine, when the track record indicates history repeating itself.

Just further clarification, the remaining board members of OAHI indicates they plan on moving forward and running the association. I wish them well - but at the same time every time board members step down there needs to be a reasonableness and fairness and respect for those that have tried to make a difference.

In most cases those that have resigned likely had valid reasons for doing so.