I hope the Secret Service is...

on the ball. Our enemies could cut America in half, with a bullet from a white Assassin, or even worse, a well placed IED in the Mall, would be devastating.

woops… don’t be surprised when you get that knock on your door now… “Mr. Lott… we need to talk to you about a message on a certain message board. Do you have any weapons on you now?..”

Why would they do that?

joking… big brother monitoring bulletin board chatter… :smiley:

Naw. They don’t do that anymore. Evil Bush is gone. No more monitoring. Kumbaya everyone.

Ever watch season 4 of the series “24” ?

Great series by the way…

I’m just surprised they didn’t fall asleep during the platitudinal speech, but then, they are professiionals. :wha?:

When it was time to disperse the crowd, they had that lady read her poem.
People starting leaving by the thousands…:slight_smile:

Thought crossed minds, but you have got to be lame to post this in the most highly scanned Internet site in the world!

You guys don’t yet realize who much your lame posts are seen across the world, do you!!??

Now maybe we should set up Joey, just to get him back to HOME INSPECTIONS, which is why we are all here, putting up with his *****!

Sorry,i’m a litle slow today. :cool::cool: