I hope you all had a happy 420. And...

And although I don’t partake personally, I’m pleased that it’s legal here.

Did the InterNACHI staff come in today or were they at the parade?

And what was in your cookies today Dom ? :mrgreen:

Unfortunately the ones you sent never arrived. The postman must have taken them!

Then why did Charlie send me a thank you if it wasn’t for the cookies? :wink:

Here in Austin yesterday on 4-20-12 @ 4:20 pm they unveiled the new Willie Nelson statue. Today is Eeyore’s birthday another major stoner event. Austin may be the capital of one of the most conservative states in the union but it’s also the most liberal city in the state.

Here in Boulder, the school administrators closed the University and issued trespassing tickets to those who assembled. They should have recused themselves as their salary comes, in part, from the tax on the sale of their drug (beer).

The first amendment provides protection for private trade associations like InterNACHI, so we all need to protect freedom of association and assembly.

Sounds good in theory but there is no freedom of assembly in this country anymore.

You need a permit and the government officials can deny that permit anytime it threatens those in power, surf.