I-Joist alterations

Observed notching of an I-joist at a recent inspection. PVC piping is 3". I know this is improper, but how can this be repaired? Would you recommend investigation by a licensed g.c. familiar with I-joist aspects or a structural engineer.

Neither, possibly.

Take a look at page 11 of this PDF.


Some holes in the web of I-joist are permitted by the manufactures depending on size and location.

Question regarding the chart on page 11. If the I-Joist is a 11 7/8 TJI 230 then a 4" notch must be 2 feet from the end of the I-joist, is this correct?

Thank you for your response.

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Unless I’m reading the chart incorrectly, a four-inch hole can be a minimum of one foot from the end. By the way, it is a hole, not a notch. A “notch” would be a cut from either the top or bottom flange, and that is not favored at all by composite joist manufacturers.

Richard, I believe you have to go to the chart on the right for square holes. The distance increases to 2’.

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No problem here. Unless you touch the top or bottom chord you can take out way more than this.

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