I-Joist cut ?

These 14" I joists were cut at the end to match the roof line, however the top of the cut doesn’t line up with the wall sill plate and extends about 3" beyond it. Does this compromise the strength? The cut is less than desireable with the chain saw, but I don’t think that matters too much?
This is for the space above the garage, not being used for anything now but has the potential for being finished in the future.




Probably fails to conform to the joist manufacturer’s printed instructions. Most manufacturers prohibit such cuts. Try to find a label somewhere on the joists and consult the manufacturer’s web site, if instructions are not present at the site.

Attached is a link to GP building products.
Click on specifications and click on Engineered lumber and floor systems
Pages 28 & 29 should provide some guidance.

Always check manufactures specs.

Typically, it is prohibited to bevel cut joists beyond the inside face of the wall.

I can’t tell that from the picture. Is it?

Look under ceiling joists in the images between pages 6 and 7.