I just bought $100,000.00 worth of HG software for you guys who need it.

I’ve been using HG and the Texas template for going on six years now. Great product, great service. I love it!

It’s a $1,000.00 piece of software folks. You’ll love it.


I just have to ask…

Why is this offer not available to dual members when just two days ago you posted that ASHI President Brion Grant, was a very good friend of yours?

I’ll try it,… using Palm-Tech now

Are there any limits to the number of reports you generate? Are there any ongoing fees involved?

Peter, you are not eligible…

Nope. I got f***ed on that deal but I’ll get my money back. Anyway, as you can see Bob HOMEGUAGE ROCKS. There’s no need to feel sorry about your choice. :p:p:p:p:p:p:p


No dual affiliations allowed.

Oh, cool. I guess Im just a red headed step child here then. :roll:

Hey Nick, how is one eligible, the only soft ware I use is one I designed my self on the Word document four years ago, so this would be a great upgrade for me.
But, I did get one for free from a friend but have not had time to even try it yet.
Been busy with everything else around here.

I would be interested in learning.


Marcel :):smiley:


There are no limits to the reports you generate. The only recurring fee is if you “elect” to use HG’s Internet “Gold” package, which enables to to upload and store all your inspection reports. They have a online scheduling system as part of that package as well. Although, I just switched over to the Inspection Support Network (ISN) for all my scheduling.

I continue to use HG and have been very pleased with the software. My only grip with HG is that they continue to develop and spend most of their time enhancing the Inspection software and put everything else on the back burner. I got tired of waiting for improvements with their Office capability and online scheduling, so I moved on to the ISN, which in my opinion is the most sophisticated HI scheduling system in the market.

I use HG, create my PDF, then upload to ISN. Works great…

Hope everyone who takes Nick up on this offer enjoys HG.


I made the call…I’ve been happy with the software I use now, but I’m always looking to improve, especially with speed.

It’s totally optional but I pay $30 per month for HG’s Gold Service (save $60 by paying for a year up front). When I look at all of the various monthly fees I have to run my inspection business, the Gold service is hands down my favorite “tool”.

Get the Gold Service IMHO.

I know several inspector that use HomeGauge. They are all very happy with it and say that you can do many different templates with it.

It would be nice if current users could use this offer to upgrade to the newer version. Oh well. Congrats to anyone who takes advantage of this offer. I use Homeguage and love it.

You get the software from Nick and HG will give you 6 months of our internet tools free (Gold or Platinum service you pick). If at the end of the 6 months you do not want the Gold or Platinum internet tools, then you can use the built in pdf maker and email your reports as an attachment. The full version remains yours forever. Upgrades in decimals are free 4.x Whenever we come out with version 5 it is free if you are in the Gold or Platinum service. If you are not its $275 should you want the upgrade.

Try our upload service and having the buyers and agents come to your site to pick up the report. There are many more benefits in using the Gold Service and you get to try it free for 6 months. The Platinum is all of the Gold Service plus a website and hosting ($15 a month for websites).

Agents love the way they get the report through HG!

More about the HG Services here http://www.homegauge.com/inspector/services/index.html

Thanks for the post Kevin. We are working on a new calendar due by years end but the current one is popular by many users. I know it wasn’t what you wanted. But I encourage others to try it. Contrary to what you think we don’t put “everything else” on the back burner except for software improvements. We are working on many new services. While we do have some office features, it remains our weakest strength as most users rely on QuickBooks or are satisfied by our current stats and limited office features. To point out to viewers that we do integrate with QuickBooks. An agent or office person can schedule the inspection online. The inspector can download the appointment directly into his reports and it will automatically populate the fields. He then can export out to Quickbooks and never has to type in the info a single time.

I’m switching over to HG but I have a question about speed of report production. It takes me approximately 1.5 hours to complete a report using ReportHost. How long does it take you all to create a report using HG?