I just bought $100,000.00 worth of HG software for you guys who need it.

1.5 hours is much too long.

That’s the norm for me as well Nick!
When I first started using HG it took me 2-2.5 hours to generate a report. I attended one of HG [2 day] seminars and I cut that time to 1-1.5 hours, and I know very little about computers!!

Great program Russell, I especially like version 4.1

Nick, Russell and NACHI ROCK!!!

Discriminating minds what to know. :mrgreen:
Worded “Duel Memberships” I guess you can infer if you belong to any state association or other home inspector association: FREA, OREP, NABIE, AAHI, ASHI, NAHI, SPREI, NIBI, HIF, HBIA to name a few, you cant have a copy. :roll:

I sent Nick an email at fastreply to define duel membership, but he’s not so fast tonight. :mrgreen:

I am going to call Nick in the morning a switch myself. Excellent news.

Brian, I left my cell phone number on your answering machine tonight. You are probably asleep.

Tomorrow you will wake up to a $1,000.00 piece of reporting software. Not as good as wakin’ up next to a good woman, but almost ;-).

I heard your message Nick, I had left my phone in the truck.

PS I am tired of good women. :wink:

Welcome Brian! …

finally got Brian…I finally got Brian…I finally…got Brian

Nothing can stop us now! :cool:

Kind of a slap in the face…as a NACHI member.

The only reason I joined ASHI is for the brand recognition. Other than that, their useless! :stuck_out_tongue:

HG is awesome! Congrats on your success, Russell. You deserve it :slight_smile:

I’ll be looking forward to seeing the enhancements for the Calendar.


While I am a member of ONLY NACHI, I have to agree with you. You pay NACHI dues just like everyone else.


As many of our vendors and providers have come to learn, generally speaking — NACHI “affilliates” (as we are officially known, instead of “members”) expect free stuff and are unwilling to pay for many things.

Homeguage Software is on the market and has been for many years…and I suppose that his close ties with NACHI (as a marketing decision) has also closed other doors.

Nick would have us to believe that our membership in ASHI is, in his words, “unethical”, and seems to be using this promotion to reward Homeguage for its loyalty to NACHI while driving home his point that we should abandon our ASHI memberships in favor of NACHI.

I suppose that, if business is so bad that you cannot afford to be in it…exclusive NACHI membership will help maintain the illusion of success and, in that regard, makes sense.

Dont do it, Dont do it. Switch to Home Inspector Pro instead!! Better/faster/easier/stronger/ and its better for you!

Mark, that is a tough sell!

I’m already a HG user, but I would much rather get a 1k dollar piece of software for free than buy HIP.

It’s a no brainer. There are many HI’s that are struggling to survive in this market and therefore cannot afford spending 1k on new software.

This is a great benefit to those who take it.


ps…not knocking HIP, it’s a nice program.

I have had several issues with my current software in the past. I have tried HG but have’nt been able to fork out the cash. Thank you Nick and HG! :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick! I’m looking forward to using HomeGauge.

I’m a new member, joined today, and I’d be interested in the software. I currently use a filemaker based program.

Mike DeLuca

I called and emailed… left a message on Nick’s VM… I have a trial version here and would love to upgrade… looking forward to it…

This is a great deal for the lucky 100 as Home Gauge is a fine software. However, free does not mean better. Let’s not forget that Dominic’s HIP software is excellent, even if you need to pay for it.

…and 17 hours is incredible. I recall a time on this message board where you could offer 100 microwave testers and have them gone in thirty minutes.

WOW! Nick is always helping out! Just left you a message and hope I get to make the switch myself:)

Thanks Nick!