I just purchased 50 Inspect and Protect books for chapter heads.

I’ll get them out to the upcoming meetings when I get them.

Want your own copy? Get it here: www.KeithSwift.com

Yes please Nick:D

Sounds great Nick…

I will be sending you the Info for the next “Great Lakes-East Chapter” the day after X-mas.

All I have to do is set up my guest speakers for 02-09-2007.

We will be having an Electrical Training Class on 02-10-2007 with Will Decker as the instructor.

I have even scheduled our 04-13-2007 Meeting & our 04-14-2007 Training! We will have a class about “Perminant Wood Foundations”! This has been requested by popular demand by those who were at the October 2006 meeting where one of the guest speakers talked about “PWFs”.

June is still in the planning stages… I don’t want to give all my plans away just yet. :wink:

Yes Please!

Meetings are the first Sunday of every month. January is coming up!

Address is P.O.Box 113, Brinnon, Wa.98320

Thanks, and Thanks Keith!