I just saved 7% on a Macbook Pro thanks to my InterNACHI member discount.


I just reached out to the contact for the discount… looking to buy a MacBook Air. I hope he is responsive. I want to pull the trigger in a day or two.

Let us know how it went, David…:slight_smile:

Hi Larry,

I just placed my order and saved about $100 (7%) on a custom MacBook Air. Good stuff.

Planet InterNACHI.

I just saved 4% on the new iPad pro at the Apple Store with the InterNachi discount. It feels great to get a discount especially when there is no discount on it being brand new thanks InterNachi. For anyone that is not aware that there is a great promo with Discover card using Apple Pay till the end of the year. Ten percent cash back. This will come in handy Christmas shopping.


Awesome. I honestly use InterNACHI’s Super Deals in my personal life all the time. It really adds up to a lot of savings over time.

Thanks for the feedback, David. I’ll get it after the first of the year. :smiley:

You’ll love it. I’ll never go back to a PC. If you need to run any Windows programs run them with Parallels.
No more virus problems, blue screens or reboots.
You get what you pay for.

If you aren’t using the membership discounts like www.nachi.org/apple or the Super Deals, you should. Remember, you have to register for InterNACHI’s Super Deals separately near the bottom of www.nachi.org/benefits.htm There is no cost for members.