I know everyone gets one every now and then . . .

but I had to share . . . this opening almost took 10 minutes to get the access panel off and moved out of the way. I finally got the panel up about a quater of an inch and pushed to one side about a third to the left, pushed up a little, then more to the left about half way and was finally able to man-handle it out of the way . . . believe it or not that was the start, the catwalk was high stepping over the ducting to get to the furnance, and ducking to miss the truss above your head . . . and yes I know about the grille . . . just thought I’d share my fun getting into the attic today . . . plus I forgot my hard hat . . . nails remind you of that somehow.
Sorry was unable to get real good pics, but this is all I have.
Photo1 - Attic access from below
Photo2 - Looking up with panel removed
Photo3 - Looking down - hard to see overlap on both side which cause the panel to side to the top of picture before it could be move out of the way (doesn’t look like much from above)
Photo4 - The ducting high step, I believe had to step over four altogether
Anyways, had to share because it was so much trouble to get in I almost gave up, but then I thought of the family moving in and I just had to keep trying . . . I’m recommend the access panel be replace and wires, ducting, etc. moved out of the way.

Oops, forgot to add photos . . . well, it’s late . . . getting sleepy.

. . . guess we can add only 3 at a time ??? . . . ahh, would you believe forgot to shrink the file size, like I said, I’m sleepy, going to bed.

at least the had a 2nd underlayment.

Too dangerous!

Once I got it open, it didn’t look dangerous at all . . . just had to move things around