I lifted a ceiling tile

to find this gem…

Nice find,Marcel. I see they didn’t put enough roofing nails (whose heads pop off) in the plumbers strap, nor enough screws (with little shear strength) and they forgot to hack out half of the top of the beam to insert the notched floor joist into…so it could split when loaded up. :p:shock::mrgreen:

Shame on you .

LOL :lol:

I hope there wasn’t witnesses ! LOL !

Looks like they upgraded the support beam, but forgot to orderthe rough sawn lumber joist hangers. :wink:

I know that is a black flashlight but I can’t help picturing you using your black cane. LOL

LOL, that was the client’s. She visited the property last week, fell through the porch and broke an ankle.
In the attached pic, she was negociating the slanted threads and with no railing…


Just to be clear Marcel you did say you lifted the tile.:wink:

I did, client helped me…:wink: