I like Kansas $$$$$$$

Just bid another IR roof job in Kansas 200,000 SQ FT roof but the roof is round how do you get sq ft out of a round roof:p its from a helicopter so it matters not;-)

You dudes just keep arguing how bad or how Good CMI is and or whom has the biggest **** and guys like me will laugh all the way to the bank. I am gona git some of that Missouri money also old Red hat will strike again:shock:

2Pir*h (assuming it’s a dome)


Pie are not square Pie R round:D

What would something like that bid for?

3.1415 x radius squared=area of the circle.

Taylor, commercial thermal imaging can be very profitable. Roofs can go from 0.01 to .10+ per sq ft depending on many factors. Small jobs ie 2-3k sqft can be priced higher. Keep in mind that not only is there thermal imaging done but also a daytime evaluation prior to the imaging being done.

Roofmonkey cowpokes don’t do math.

It was a joke moron:twisted:

If you say so old fart.