I like marketing tools that are inexpensive and inspection-related.

Coffee mugs are nice but inspection-related give-aways remind the user of YOU, the home inspector.

Check this out http://www.wedgez.com/NACHImembers/

Funny, It doesn’t look like a coffeee mug.

It’s a handle.:wink:

Oh, I see now:roll:

That would end up in the junk drawer towards the dead batteries and bent paperclips at the back of the drawer. 2 years later I’d find it and say “what the hec is this thing for?” (of course this is just my opinion, I don’t have kids and don’t have outlet covers)

Does it have my company name on it to remind the user where they got it?

Great concept and idea! :smiley:

What does the Nachi lanyard look like?

Do they come in red? LOL

How about purple?:smiley:

at 2.70 a piece they ought to come in GOLD (molded plastic) :mrgreen: