I liked the article..


I wonder if Walter has his TN HI license yet?

I do agree with him about all the BS in the boiler plate written reports these days.

I would like him to explain to his readers that a lot of what he complains about is a direct result of sellers not properly disclosing, realtors whose main concern is closing the sale, and lawyers willing to represent clients suing HIs.

And everyone that lives with the attitude of:

“Its not by responsibility-who can I go after”

I did not.:roll:

No verbosity from you today. Please tell us what you did not like Mr. Kelly.:wink:

Well here is the entire “boiler plate” he did not like, I think this is ok, when read in it’s entirety. And as boiler plate it is often skipped over, the salient points on the roof would be in narratives that would follow in the report, ie, age, condition, gutters, etc.

Clients do not even read the reports, so prosepctive clients are not going to read three reports.

In AZ we are required by the state to tell clients to “Monitor” things that need monitoring, small cracks, trees near the foundation, etc.

Is Mr. Jowers a HI???

Maybe you guys liked the ads?:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :roll:

According to the side bar in the article, yes. I have seen several home inspection articles by him.

“Walter Jowers is a home inspector and columnist for the Nashville Scene.”

Here is his Co. link ASHI through and through.

I didn’t say I liked it, just that I agreed with some of the points he made.:neutral:

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He is (now) out of home inspections and into expert witness work.

Not all of his articles are about Home Inspections.

I particularly liked the one about buying fake testicles for your dog and the one about sex toys in Nashville and the one about pitting teenage boys against teenage girls in ball games.

Some good humorous articles, some good home inspection articles, and some just pure junk.

Now we’re talking.:smiley: