I love commercial inspections..Yep!

I did this one today.Money is a lot better.

How big was it and what did you charge??

Roy, was that a 480 volt entrance with 208 power and 277 lighting? Did the steel columns have cadwelded grounding rod system? Who did the electical system inspection?

And like Linas asked, how much did you charge?



Yours truly


A little over 30k sf

I told the client I needed to have a commercial electrician evaluate the service . He told me to not worry about that because he was going to change the entire warehouse area into a condition space and he had an electrician that was going to handle that. And just make sure all circuits were functional. He is a return client. I did another similar to this one last year for him. This is the second warehouse in two weeks. Looks like the economy is picking up.

I should have stayed in Jacksonville…:cool:

It is. I’ve done 22 commercial inspections so far this year.
I had 3 in one week earlier this year.:wink:

Something I can’t explain…
After shutting down all electrical. In one of the offices I had 3 fluorescent fixtures that were still slightly illuminating. Only in that one office.
Why would that happen?

They are near a large, live electrical line, perhaps the service line going to the electrical panel.

Induction current.
See Tesla.

maybe the lights had emergency back up ballasts in them

Nope ! And no EMF .Underground laterals throughout the complex.

If you are talking about the lights in your PIC in post #1, they have long warm-up times where they run dimly for about 5 minutes when you first turn them on.

Good catch.
I think that would be Sodium Vapor .

Roy would think about commercial if not so mysterious.
I mean $4,500 to check a box ?

What exactly are you actually looking at ?

Heck R&R Donnelley used to send me to those but imagine you do a little more .


Here is what I stated…

What are you talking about? I don’t have a clue!

There must be a live transformer or some EMF source in that one office.

I killed all the breakers and the main disconnect outside . It is the only structure around for a couple of acres. It has been vacant for over 2 years.

Why do you think there could not be be some kind of emergency battery back up system connected to those lights? After the first 5 minutes did they finally go out?

Nope I waited 15 min and still dim. All backup lighting had dead batteries.