I LOVE DIY Network.

I inspected as home with tons of handy man/DIY projects gone wrong. I know we all have seen them…uphill drains, horrible wiring, all kinds of stuff that’s wrong.

Home owners don’t seem to get it, their own hands are costing them money. Loads of repairs were done recently (probably) for the listing. This house would have been better just leaving many items broken.

Again, thanks to DIY network (with a notable mention to bad contractors) we have regular work. :mrgreen:

Mike, I like the way you think.

Watch “Renovation Realities”](http://www.diynetwork.com/renovation-realities/show/index.html) on that channel sometime. I keep expecting Danny Bonaduce or Todd Bridges to appear in the corner of the screen and make fun of them.

Most episodes are funny, some downright scary.

Go to a Home Depot on a Saturday when they are teaching people how to install a new water heater. Comedy gold Jerry!

The process as Home Depot management envisions it.

1.Go to Home Depot and watch the person who read the training manual on line and passed the test install tiles, drywall, potlights, a toilet etc.
2. Buy the products and cart them home, attempt to do what you observed being done at the store and tiles come out out of level cause its an old home, drywall taping some how eludes you, lol, or pots don,t quite fit into the space you wanted them to cause joists run the wrong way for where you want the lights.
3. Call home Depot and complain whereupon you are informed they have an install program where you can get all these things fixed and or replaced for a finacable fee. Easy with hardly any effort on your part with guaranteed workmanship.
4. Go in debt to get fixed the easy inexpensive project taught by a computer trained and totally inexperienced in the field they were demonstrating minimum wage store employe instead of an experienced tradesman .

Former Install Services Manager for Home Depot I saw it all then and I am seeing it all again now… :mrgreen:

I will say the DIY is slightly better than Mike Holmes but Mr. Bummer makes mistakes openly too.