I love Home Inspector Pro's News page...


That page serves as a landing for Inspectors using the software also so that they have quick access to suggest improvements.
Just another reason it is the best.

I sometimes wonder what it must be like to use other report software.
“It would be like not being a NACHI member and having no benefits”.

Another copy of what HG has had for quite a while :p;-)

You mean what according to the founder of this association is second rate software ? :slight_smile:

site appears to be down

Just checked.
Must be your end .

This is what I get

Illegal variable _files or _env or _get or _post or _cookie or _server or _session or globals passed to script.

I get the same thing so I used another computer with no problem.

Sorry guys, I’ve been making a ton of changes to the site tonight to get ready for a few new releases. If you have a chance, please do me a favor and let me know if you’re still getting the error. I’m hoping it was just a transient thing as I was uploading new files.

Works for me.


Thanks Chris. Chuck, Robert, is it working for you?

Works now but I’ve been getting that error for quite a while on my desktop but not on my laptop. I figured you put some voodoo stuff on HG users, LOL (jk).

Nah, it was a virus HG put on your computer to keep you from seeing our site, lol!

Works perfect as usual Dom!

Russell should put a link to HIP on his site:p;-)

I’ll do it. Actually HG had a link to our website for many years.

Yup, we also routinely tell inspectors to check out HG, Jeff’s software, etc before making a decision on what to buy. It’s just good business!

Go for it;-)

One thing I like about HG’s landing page is when you open the software, your recent uploaded report status is right there, along with recent message board posts, tips, news, links, etc. Very clean, uncluttered, etc. (not sure if this will show up but a screen shot attached)

HG Page.jpg

Yup, we’re working on something similar. It’s overdue and been requested for awhile.