I love this new message board.

excluding icons

Not too shabby

Chris- The board looks great. Thanks for all your hard work.:nachi:


This format for posting makes it very easy to insert your own smileys.
I got them from smileycentral.com

1 more year Brett Favre:D


Excellent! I do however miss the “View My Posts” feature as that was a quick, easy way to go see those threads that I was most interested in and had contributed to recently. I know you can use the Advanced Search feature here but that’s somewhat time consuming. Oh well…

Mike -

Click on your name in any post that you made and you get a menu. One choice is “Find all posts by mboyett”. Click on that and voila!!


Hi! Joe;
Nice avatar of you, how many moons ago ???

About 330.

**I like the new board, but why am I not a member?




This is too cool!


Awesome, Thanks Joe!:smiley:

Smokin’ !!!

Maybe you could find some chief to let you sneak in from time to time as a member. :cool: You have been a fine help to me before. :smiley: