I love working in Encinitas, CA

So nice to inspect homes near the ocean in Encinitas, CA Watch thevideo

Nice. At least you have proof to show your buddy NT that you actually do inspections. Was that the spectoscope or whatever its called?

I also like them near the ocean, the weather is great 90% of the time. My first inspection tomorrow is in Oceanside which has a view of the ocean and the weather should be between 75-85 :smiley:

It’s similar. I made it with a 20’ painters pole.

47 seconds and not one woman in it, SMH, not what I was expecting.

The views are worth the drive to do a home inspection in San Clemente.

https://openmerchantaccount.com/img/san clemente.JPG

I gave you a thumbs up to offset whoever gave you the thumbs down. How’s that for friendly competition, lol.

Maybe they didn’t like my choice of music :slight_smile:
Thanks Keith.