I’m at a loss for words

My friends mother in NY just had her house re-plumbed. I would love to hear your thoughts!


(Sometimes) you get exactly what you pay for. How much did she pay for that (flippers wet dream)?


She was offered a price of around $8k. And 7days. When the company showed up they did this for $2700. I was told she was not given the $8k option. They just chose to do this but I’m getting the information from a third party. You know how that goes.

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Try this one…Fubar

Just sad that people think that is acceptable. Nothing wrong with the install except lack of fasteners per the manufacture. I’m sure she went with the cheaper option but I couldn’t put my name on that kind of work. I like to call that “Craps-men-Shit”.

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Yup. Based on your photo, you are what, 50-ish? So assuming your friend is the same age, his mother would be around 70-ish. Yup… saving $5K is a no brainer as she won’t be around to worry about it when the house needs to get sold!!

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I wonder if they knew that drill bits are meant to be used with drills? Not pounded through with a hammer, lol.


Cosmetic Ryan, cosmetic… :stuck_out_tongue:


Good money after bad.

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Now we’re getting to what I was talking about. It was never an age thing. Just quality thing

Yes sir. I’m 45 retired military. Multiple oversea “experience “.

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Damn. Guess I was wrong with my calculations. Talk about a ‘grumpy old man’!!

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I was just looking for an Honest opinion on this. Thought it would be fun to share as a goof. You sir have offered no real input. If anyone follows this INterNACHI post shit this guy talks a lot but offers. NOTHING

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Obviously, you wouldn’t know “fun” if it bit you in the ass!

Get to Facebook. This is a or should be a professionals forum.

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How would you know?

Good luck on your recovery Jeff. I love you.

First off, thank you for your service. And unfortunately your friend’s mother got taken advantage of.

Secondly, I think you misinterpreted Jeff’s post. I didn’t read it as an insult to you, just a lighthearted poke amongst peers. That’s how he rolls.


Save it for someone who gives a shit!

Did she??

You so ‘get me’! :wink:

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