I Met An Honest Man

I hired a man to work for me the other day who has five kids. He recently had to move away from his previous apartment because the crime was so severe there, he feared for his children’s safety. He lost his job and had to move in with his in-laws for now, because he has not been able to find steady work.

While working for me temporarily, I noticed that he had a very good attitude and worked hard. He seemed very positive about life and was a blessing to be around. At the end of a few days, I paid him the money that I owed him. What happened next was the unusual part.

He called me back latter and told me that I had paid him $100 too much. I was surprised because I cannot remember ever making that kind of mistake when paying someone. He told me he wanted to give me the money back because he was sure that I needed it. I was stunned and surprised at the same time. He was concerned about me.

I had met an honest man!!!

He was poor, he was without a job, he was without his own place to live, HE HAD WAY MORE NEEDS THAN ME… Yet, he was concerned about me and wanted to do the right thing.

I did something next that I could not stop if I tried to. I told him to keep the money and use it for his kids. I told him that by meeting him, and seeing his honesty, was such a blessing that it was my pleasure to know him. He has my respect. I realized I had met an honest man who lives by an inner light, higher and stronger than his need for self preservation.

I carry his image with me. I am thankful to know him. His image and likeness reminds me of someone else I know.

Very touching

Smooth move John, You feel great and he feels great Two happy people Glad for you both.
This is the sort of things that make for a better world.

Roy Cooke

You are both blessed just knowing each other.

An honest man and a fair man…

I regularly get call backs from clients. Not the bad kind (although they all sound like it from the opening words!).

I go back to look at little things (but the clients believes thay are BIG).

Going over, sunday, to help a client change out new GFCIs. I don’t charge, so it is within the ethics code. It IS marketing. Going the extra mile.

Usually, they offer (sometimes beg) to pay me. I tell them, “If you think you owe me something, whatever you think you owe me, put in the collection (or t’shuva) box at your church (or shul).” I give the debt to G-d.

Store up your treasures in Heaven. :mrgreen:

Very encouraging John, an honest man and a generous man. Not only did you bless one another, but blessed no doubt many of us as well.
Gerald Wilcox