I must be getting old

It took me 10 minutes longer than normal to inspect this roof this morning getting off the ladder was easy getting back on to it was a B****;-):smiley:

You are. :wink: Glad you dented that vent instead of becoming fertilizer for the gutter trees on the way down. :mrgreen:

getting ???

geezer callin’ the kettle…just sayin’

and Your point is ?:wink:

He can’t remember…:stuck_out_tongue:


remember what

We were talking about ? :wink:
Well, I know I am not getting younger, got up Monday with a TIA and spent the morning in the ER. OK now, just scheduled for more tests.


What kind of roof is that Linas and were you standing on the ladder to take the picture or you had suction cups on your boots?:slight_smile:

I am not saying you guys are are old, How ever you may want to transfer your birth certificates from the hide to Paper . Hides get brittle lol

Sorry to hear that Marcel.

Charlie, you may be getting some early vertigo; dizziness. Several race car drivers have had to retire early due to this, a few older guys are still in the sport. Depends upon the person. You hear a lot about cars driving into store fronts. If you move your head a lot due to the strange surroundings, you get dizzy and lose your way. It may be time to put the ladder aside.

Thanks Mark, I am scheduled for more testing next Wednesday. Right now, everything is fine. EKG, cat scan, and blood work was all good.

His red hat gives him the extra strength to keep climbing. :mrgreen:

It not the fall, its the sudden stop that hurts.

Gary I don’t drive my truck on the roof so I think I probably will be just fine. Thanks for caring anyway;-)

Marcel don’t mess around with your ticker you don’t have a replacement for your family or this MB :smiley:

Charley, you ain’t gettin’ old

You were old when Moses was floating in the Nile in a baby basket! :|.)

Heck, at your age, getting lucky means remembering what you came into the room for!! :mrgreen: