I need a high-res photo of someone doing an inspection. $100 if I use it. Need it now

Please send to fastreply@nachi.org

I had a couple of really good ones for my brochure… I’ll see if I still have them.

I still need them. Email to me fastreply@nachi.org Thanks.

I had a hard time finding them, but I just sent you 4 batches of pictures that we took as options for our brochure. You are welcome to use any, all, or none of them.

They haven’t left my outbox yet because of the size of the emails (~12MB), but they should arrive shortly. I hope they help. If they don’t go through, I’ll have to break it into smaller batches…

I will send you photos from a recent photo shoot that one of my clients did while I was doing a mold inspection on their property.

How about our very own BK on the job… :slight_smile:

I have a good photo of me drinking a cold beer and grilling a steak…is that worth any money?


I sent a .PDF of an inspection report, with me on the roof inspecting for flashing…

if Nick needs it, I’ll forward the actual .jpg