I need a home inspection done in Menlo Park, California. Anyone want it?

Buyers are requesting that the inspector be insured. If you can do it, email at fastreply@nachi.org

Just out of curiosity, how is that the buyer is going throught you vis a vis all the home inspector websites, referral web sites etc. that are out there? A personnal referral ?

Example… when I moved to Minnesota, and needed to find a local attorney, I didn’t go to the yellow pages or Google, I started at the BAR Assn. and went from there.

Ooh. There is some spendy, spendy stuff around Menlo Park. And one of the earlier areas that had trouble with PB.

I’ll take it if no one else wants it?

Robert, email me if you want it. It’s a new home.

InterNACHI gets hundreds of consumer requests a day.