I need a trained eye.

Can I get some imput?Two breakers on left bottom 3wires in line red is on a 30 amp breaker Black is on a 20 amp breaker yellow is running to netural bar. is this acceptable?It ran around house into attic then I lost it under insulation can’t idenify what it is running. Rest of wiring is nightmare taped junctions in attic just laying in insulation no boxes or covers. The list is long.

I see a green ground at bottom of the neutral bar.

Red has black tape around it ,so that’s ok.

List panel as not labeled properly.

Were the wire gauges ok?

Yellow in neutral bar should be white or marked with white tape.
Not your job to trace them all though.

The bottom ground is stranded,was it secured?

I notice this is outside so did you trace to a ground rod?

Thanks Robert
Sometimes when I do these handyman specials I start second guessing myself. But not labeled properly was one of my comments on the panel.

Thanks again

Hi there, :smiley:

-If that’s a one inch connector at the back bottom it needs a bushing.
-Two of your breakers need to be double poles, not singles. Bottom left where the three wire (red and black) is and top left (two larger blacks) I do believe is a two pole circuit as well. The three wire with red does appear to be a #12 0r #10 wire and should be on a double 20 or 30 Amp breaker respectively. The upper wires appear to be #10 as well.
-Stranded grounds do need a twisting and clipping.
-There is a hole at the bottom right hand corner; it should be filled with a K.O. filler. If there’s a wire coming through it you should use a cover plate and fasten it to the panel. Knockout a 3/8 hole for a connector and use one on the wire.
-You will need a #6 ground if it’s a 100 amp sub panel or a #8 ground if it’s under 100 amps from your main distribution panel to this panel, I don’t see one.
-I would get rid of those cob webs too.

Can you take a couple of more shots of your panel? Like above the main breaker and the left hand side of the panel?
Also can you list each breakers ampacity on both sides starting from the top down? I do believe you might have overrated breakers for conductor sizes in the panel.