I need a volunteer to be on the Missouri Housing Industry Alliance.

I will pay your dues.


I thought James Braun out of Jefferson City was on there.

If he’s dropped for any reason, maybe Stuart Spraulding out of Columbia will volunteer - hes only about 22 miles away from there.

Have not heard that name in awhile. Isn’t he a big ASHI supporter? There is already Dirty Harry, a big asshi kisser of MAR. No offense Dan, I have the utmost respect for you.

I am mixed, like MAREI, on why we are even there, especially after MAR announced at the beginning of the last MHIA meeting that we could not talk about the home inspection bill. I admit that the last discussion on home inspection licensing did not go well for MAR. This may not bother members of other national home inspection organization but being a NACHI member I am not use to being moderated.
Also I did not care to be threatened before the last meeting by Dirty Harry just because I corrected his false statement he may that the inspectors in the Jefferson City phone book advertise themselves as “licensed home inspectors”. He quickly apologized after I caught him lying and then he brings this up with me three months later that I was wrong to correct him. He should have argued that then, when it happeened. Is this ASHI’s and MAR’s tactic, threatening people?
Also the minutes on the meeting that MAR writes are laughable. They claim that when I talked about why don’t Realtors refer only certified home inspectors to reduce their liability (Their response was we do not have any control over our members). The minutes read that I was talking about Realtors referring “easy home inspectors”. Later I looked at my speech, I made, and it did not say anything about “easy home inspectors”. Easy home inspectors and certified home inspectors are two different things. Also the minutes read that NAHI was supporting home inspection licensing, which NAHI quickly corrected.
A table of MAR members sits in front of the MHIA meeting and runs the meeting. I have never heard anything said about protecting the consumer during any of these meetings. Just in around about way, they talk about what can you do for me (you help me past my legislation, I will help you). It sickens me.
I will keep attending these so called meetings, but do not expect anything positive to come from them.

James Braun,
I’m not a “big ASHI supporter”, but I am a member. I joined ASHI a few years ago as a busines decision. NACHI was, and still is, almost unknown in this area. ASHI is very well established in my market area, and the local ASHI inspectors have a done a good job of promoting that org. I pay my dues, go to the local meetings, and try to improve myself as an inspector. But I still have considerable resentment towards “ASHI inspectors” due to the way I was treated as a newbie. NACHI took me in as a new inspector, and gave me equal footing with the veterens from the get go, and I’ll always appreciate Nick for that. Hell, he even called when I first joined to welcome me in.
As for membership on MHIA, I can’t do it. I must focus on my inspection business, and on my family. Some of you know that my wife helps tremendously with marketing, book keeping and inspections during the busy seasons. She has been diagnosed with the trifecta of health issues-Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumotoid Arthritis,and most recently, Lyme Disease. I won’t have the time to do this. I’ll be one that has to roll with the political punches, and figure out ways to make my business work, or pick another business to succeed in.

Nice to have you as a fellow member of NACHI.
I will never be a member of an organization that allows harm to inspectors and consumers just to get line their own pockets. But that is just me.

Sorry to hear about your wife. God bless!

Stu - My prayers are with you and your wife and I genuinely hope you will call upon me if I can help you in any way.

Frankly, I think your talents would be wasted on this phony “alliance”.

It was pulled together by Fred Kratky (President of the St. Louis Board of Realtors) while serving as a Missouri State Rep…for the purpose of pulling together (aka “controlling”) the various groups necessary to make it appear that there is agreement on issues that were important to him to push.

The MAR will always be the controlling factor behind this group and the only real benefit of having NACHI members attend is to report back to the rest of the real world what this “pretend” coalition is up to. I don’t think that the real Power Holders in this group show their hand at the meetings, anyway, but they have to have the meetings to keep up the illusion of being an “alliance”.

Jim, should we not renew our membership?

Others in the state may disagree, but I feel that we are giving legitimacy to an illegitimate front, posing as a coalition.

I don’t think we should let our membership expire quietly, however…

In my opinion, we should withdraw NACHI support from this “alliance” in objection to the conflict of interest it represents in having the MAR (people who are commissioned salesmen of houses) controlling an organization that concerns home inspectors.

A statewide blanket of news releases and letters to editors to coincide with our withdrawal would be very appropriate. I would be happy to coordinate that, myself. The nation’s largest home inspection association withdrawing its support from this “alliance” would be, indeed, newsworthy.

If possible, the timing could coincide with the introduction of MAR/ASHI’s HI legislation of 2008…if we can do this without having to pay another year’s dues. If not, we should go for it right away.

Just my thoughts.

Then we’re out. Legislators get spooked when they realize that a so called “coalition” is oddly missing the world’s largest inspection association.

Whatever help you need Jim just let me know. Business is finally slowing down so I will have more time to help. So those who still want representation at that meeting, I encourage you to join MAREI.

I know how you feel my girlfriend has been disabled now for about four years. Doctors are doubting she will ever go back to work. Going down to one income and picking up the responsibilities at home is hard.

Stuart the Lyme disease causes all of the symtoms of the other two you mentioned, I had it and it took about ten years to stop causing me extreme difficulties. One of the best things I ever tried was to stop eating potatoes, it helped reduce the pain in the joints. Hang in there and give her all the love and patience you can for she will need it. I have her in my prayers also. Ken

Randy, James, James and Ken,
Thank you for your kind words. One step at a time is how we’ll get there. Anyone who has met Melanie knows she’ll overcome this. If you look up the word perseverance in the dictionary, you’ll see her picture.