I need a volunteer to permit us to use their Canadian mailing list.

Hello Nick,

Do you have a chapter leader in Canada that would want to have an Office Depot contract account set up using their address just to have a Canadian address on a contract account? See the problem is that I have had calls from your Canadian members that would like to have the web access also but I can not add a Canadian address to an American account. I can get them the store card no problem I just need someone that would be willing to let us use their address in Canada.

Happy Holidays!

Mary V Strassburg
Account Manager

Phone: (866) 772-5337 ext. 7574
Fax: (866) 417-7108
Fax orders: (888) 813-7272
*E-mail: *mvstrassburg@teamofficedepot.com

This is regarding http://www.nachi.org/officedepot2006.htm

Someone please volunteer, it is simply a logistical glitch, and call or email Mary (above).

Here is an address

Dave Bottoms
Inspectra – The Home Inspection Company Ltd.
2255B Queen St. E., Suite 550
Toronto, ON M4E 1G3
**416 410-6626

I’m surprised Roy isn’t all over this. Didn’t you use him to register CMI for you?

See link:



Jason are you volunteering along with Dave Bottoms? :slight_smile:

Nah, I get enough crap in my mail.:wink:

Hey Jason,

You would like to be a member of OAHI, they are now taking vendors advertisements and sending them to OAHI members via emails. The reason? A revenue generator. Nice. They must be really hard up for money. :0)

No thanks, I get enough crap in my email as well.


I E-mailed Mary will gladly help.

Hey Nick please help me in giving Dave Bottoms a big round of applause in his ability to send OAHI members here to read the dirt! I think his address above should be on any advertisers mailing list! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: