I need help placing video on my website


I have had a video made about my home inspection business. It is 385 MB in a AVI format or 16.1 MB in a WMV format. My webmaster cannot get it to work on my site without taking 8-11 min to load when someone want to see it and then it works for some people and not for others!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work, or can you tell me who to email or call to hire to make it work.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions,

Earl Beahm, Atlanta Chapter President

Earl, best advice is to load it to YouTube. That’ll keep your own ISP bill from ballooning. Open an account at YouTube.com.

Check with Will Decker. He can probably tell you how to do it. My website services provider www.inspectorsites.com added mine for about $40 and I also submitted it to You Tube.

You need to compress the size of the video. If you want I can get the file compressed and get it to load a lot quicker… Let me know;)

I agree with Liza, if you compress the file then you are able to put the video on your page, also you can change the resolution of the video in order to have a small file.

Remember that NOT all customer have a nice/roper connection to the internet and hsving a video on your page will require a need of more Bandwith or it will slow the upload of your page at custoer system which will decide to close the window instead of waiting…


Compression is one thing, but also the delivery method is important. You want to stream the file or use progressive downloading. Flash video (what YouTube uses) is great for both. In the end your best option probably is to host it through a video hosting service such as YouTube. If you don’t want the “teenagers posting videos of themselves on rocket skateboards” stigma that comes with YouTube, I’m sure there are plenty of business services out there that will re-encode and host your video for you on a Flash Media Server (though I don’t think that many, if anyone, would have a problem with your video being hosted on YouTube).

Chris, YouTube will help him get inbounds click-throughs to his site from all of the teenagers on skateboards. Don’t forget the value of search rankings. If the video is produced correctly and offers an incentive for watching it - like, it mentions a drawing to win a free pro series skateboard, inline skates, an iPod, $100 download card for iMusic or something like that - then the THOUSANDS teeny-boppers will boose his page rank in the SERPs. That’s why I mentioned YoubieTubie.

“X-games” my bu**! “X-marketing” is where it’s at!

If the teeny-boppers are too lazy to do their chores, then they can help inspectors increase their Google, Yahoo and MSN SERP! :twisted:

(All you other inspectors take heed - I wasn’t joking.)