I need help

Hey everyone. I’m new to the inspection business and I’m having trouble with market analysis. Current size, historic growth rate, trends and characteristics, projected growth rate and other questions. Any help out there? I mean I found companies that offer analysis reports but, I can’t afford their services. Please…

Why would a home inspector need any of this information. An appraiser maybe, but not a home inspector. Please let us know why you would need his info.

Staart with updating your profile.

Where do you work.

What is your experience.
Why do you think you will make a good inspector?

Then Help may arrive :slight_smile:

Good Lick

I could see looking for this stuff if thinking of a move.

Geez… you’d think the OP was from Georgia, or something! :roll:


Sstanzyc, I’m following instructions from a book on how to build a home inspection business.
Mmeeker, I’ll do that. Thanks to the both of you.

Stephen correctly asks

Goofy questions there Jason. Sounds like something from the 1950’s. Do you have a link to the book you are reading from?

He needs to throw the book away it worthless not even good toilet paper;-)

Building our Business
Devour the marketing section on this site…it’s a great start.
Check out Mike Crow. I am still using things I learned 6 yrs ago at one of his conferences.

Charley Bottger writes:

I agree.

Jason, think of it like you are selling sandwiches. Everyone needs to eat at some point, like everyone needs a place to live. Zero in on those people. There is your market analysis. You can thank me later. Am sure you have heard the phrase paralysis by analysis? You will want to avoid that. We have all been bitten by it before. Start marketing like a fool. Best of luck and don’t over think this stuff. Just get after it and get good at your craft.

When I first started I wondered what my market shares were compared to other companies. I soon found out it didn’t matter as long as I was feeding my family. If you are not doing that then you need to market yourself more. Fine tuning a website, talking to realtors, talking with the general public… If you are not inspecting then you should be marketing. Just my little piece of advice.