I need NACHI.TV pics!

Can anyone help out NACHI.TV and provide me with a few pics? I need a nice picture of a free-standing fireplace, a picture of a cheap cast iron free-standing fire place, a pic of a chimney scan set up, and a picture of creosote build-up inside of a chimney. They must be your own photos that you’re kindly donating to NACHI.TV for our use. (Not stolen from the internet, obviously.) They will appear in an upcoming episode of NACHI.TV. Whoever submits the pics I choose will get a door prize of some sort and credits in the upcoming episode.

Thanks guys!


I just sent you an e-mail. (Check your junk folder if it’s not in your inbox.)

Here are some creosote photos. I will do another search for your other requests.

Thanks guys! These are great.

Found this doozie while searching for wood stoves. I gave Nachi two CDs full of all kinds of discrepancies a couple years ago (over 5000 photos). If they still have them lying around there I know there are some photos of el cheapo wood stoves on them.

Several more I ran across as the computer was searching. Use what you can. A couple of extreme cases.

This episode will go up today. I used one of Doug’s, but Mark you’re getting a door prize too… Thanks!

Cool! Congrats Mark, I hope its big and shiney and requires gasoline. Thanks very much!