I need new Bussiness Cards

Where is the best place to get them without spending an arm and a leg?

Been printing my own for years, but need something better. :slight_smile:

Vistaprint does a good job

I have used Vistaprint as well. You can upload your own logo and so forth.

Inspector Outlet was pretty reasonable, after they designed my logo, but I think I had to buy 1000.

I go to a local printer, keep the money in my home area. I get 1000 at a time, but that lasts me only about 4 months

Patriot Web Design, very reasonable, free shipping on my third order from them. They even make changes for free.

I usually get mine from a local print shop. I tried Vistaprint once, they always have a special going 250 cards for $10, and glad I only ordered the small quantity. They looked fine, not great, BUT they are cut slightly smaller than a standard card. They just feel funny in my hands. I immediately went back to my local guy, and keep the Vistaprint ones for emergencies if I run out. I came across a couple of companies that make some high quality and uniques cards, but they are out of my price range for everyday cards. I may order a small batch to use with “special” Clients. If you would like their info, send me a PM.

Thanks guys for the help.

I only need 500, not quite a high end inspector like JP. :wink:

I’ll check out that Vista Print.

cmon now a young man like You …order 5000 or so…

I agree with the guys who stay local. I have a great printer (locally) who does my cards and they look very professional. I use multi-color raised ink and order 1,000 at a time.

Thanks Dave, I will check local if any. :slight_smile:

Yes, we did the same and for under $100, as I recall. :slight_smile:

I found one local and will check them out this week. Didn’t even know we had at least one. :slight_smile:

I use a local printer as well. I’m happy with the service that I receive.

I have used local and vista print. Vista print is less expensive and less trouble. The other you can get more customer type stuff and more personal service. For now I use vista print for my INSPECTING CARDS and my local for my traditional Meeker Industries cards Because they already have all the info. Just make sure if using Vista you do not order from over seas. Some reason I did once " I did not know" -and it took forever but they made it right with a nice discount.

Vistaprint works great!!

Hey Marcel,

InterNACHI’s Marketing Services can print business cards. All of the design services and assistance come free with the order of business cards. Here is the link:

Overnightprints.com has the BEST business cards and very reasonable cost.

Been using them for years and years. Can’t say enough good about them.

You design your own card or use one of their templates.

Almost indestructible cards. Only thing you can’t really write on them.

They always have my business. I also get all my flyers from them too.

Good luck

Is it possible to get only 500?:slight_smile:

Hi Marcel, I just emailed you with information on ordering 500 cards.