I need parts for a light timer

Okay, I am just a civilian/average Joe here, not an electrical expert. I have an old, analog light timer, similar to the one pictured at this link:


You know, the ones that have removable stops that trigger the switch. Well, I only have one of those stops left on the timer. Rather than buy a brand new timer, I was wondering if there is anywhere in the world where I can order these timer stops. It seems to be a difficult item to find, or even describe in a web search. The word I would use is “light timer stop,” but that search comes back with nothing. It’s not the easiest part to improvise, and I suppose I would buy a new timer first before fashioning something from scratch. I don’t like to throw things away - is there anywhere I can get these stops?

Thanks in advance.

Cjheck for spare parts here. The website calls them trippers.


Thanks, they are called “trippers!” That’s the magic word I was looking for. With the web, it’s all about the keywords, isn’t it?

I found the answer to my question on the Intermatic website in the FAQ section.

I always bought them at true value.
Check your local hardware store.

Alas, I seem to be in a place where Home Depot killed off the little guy who runs the True Value hardware store. I was at Home Depot and they sure had timers but didn’t have “trippers.” But I’ll check the phone book for a nearby True Value hardware and call them up. Thanks again!

Bet you find the missing ones on the floor or behind the box.

Nah, I moved three times since September 2007. They’re gone!

I bought them a few years ago and they are cheap

The Grasslin timers are nicer since the trippers remain part of the dial no matter what. You just tip them in or out along the edge.