I need suggestions. Building members a library of videos to put on their websites.

Any ideas on what type of informational, promotional or public service videos you’d like to have?

Post the Code Check Video Series (4-5 videos)

Ever see the movie Scrooged?

In the beginning of the movie (Bill Murray) shows his team a Promotional Video for the TV Special they are producing, explaining why viewers CANNOT miss the Live Airing (on Christmas) of the special, with the promo ending with the vision of an Atomic Bomb mushroom cloud.

We need this type of “reach out and grab you” video of why everyone needs a home inspection, irrelevent of all the BS Realtors throw at them. It wouldn’t hurt to add that they should run from any Realtor that attempts to minimize the importance of an inspection.

Did I mention that “Dual Agency” Realtors should be banned, and the public needs to be warned of the risk in using them? My experience has been, that the less populated an area, the higher risk of someone using a Dual Agency Realtor.

PB plumbing.


Jeff as a man of much respect and I agree with you 99% of the time, on this I disagree. Anything negative will only produce negativity. I think we have to be above that and do ONLY positive attributes.

That applies to my respect and agreement with you also… 99%. In fact, including your comment it is more like 99.9%! I do agree with the negativity aspect, to a degree. This is that degree. Out of all advertising that I do, 100% has always been positive. I feel that now we need a shift from 100% (kissy-kissy) to 99.9% + 0.1% (in your face). I would start this new strategy today if I had any clue how to go about it. The same old same old isn’t working anymore, and people’s eye’s are just glazing over with everybody saying the same thing. They stopped listening to what we are saying a while ago. I stopped sharing information about my marketing on this MB due to the newer inspectors in my area using my own methods/strategies against me, and saying the same thing I am! So, perhaps this is just another move on the chessboard for me. We’ll see! :wink:

Fear and sex sell stuff and services, sad but true.

Is that not the reason why people get a home Inspection they are fearful of what the problems the home they wish to purchase might have .
Looks like you are correct ,Thanks I had never looked at it this way before

Agreed, we need more proof to convince people how important we are in the process of purchasing a home; to hire a competent home inspector; what a great value we are; and what we’re truly worth in $$.

Indeed, something tailored to all of us not just some of us.

You are a mouthful to swallow.

Any kind of “Energy Efficiency” and how it ties into your home inspector.

I would like to see a video or series that can overwhelm the potential client with a onslaught of possible issues with a typical home, while not giving the client enough courage to attempt the inspection themselves.

Lets say for example a video about a homes roof.
A roof has x number of components
of these components x number of things can be wrong, possibly highlighting a few that only an inspector would find like inproper fasteners.

Videos should be short enough to keep the clients attention and tempt them to watch the others in the series.

As for public service videos:
Identify what a specific common problem is in each state and develop a video regarding that problem. For instance in my area the video would possibly be about the dangers of Radon and why you home should be tested.

Other areas may be the presence of termites, excessive snow loads, high levels of rainfall,

I like it, what about videos that to the naked eye and typical eye there is no problem, but then show the possible defects that are present.

Examples, a great balcony 5 floors up, with 6 inches of space between the balusters. Show the beauty and view and then show a doll fitting through and falling to the ground.

A type plugged and show the damage it can caused, I know there are pictures of 1/2 a house blown away due to this problem.

Videos that show, sure these problems seem trivial and a pain in the butt, but the potential of their impact is catastrophic. Most people dont see the results of our recommendations, they just see we tell them to fix stuff.

Most feel that we just knit pick and call this stuff out for the heck of it.

Great point.
Your president just gave that energy speech. No better marketing campaign tie in.
How efficiency pays itself back.
Importance of maintenance inspections.
Wind migration, they can lead to job-oversight inspections for insulation for Northern staes, windows,EFIS, smart roofing systems, etc.

:shock::shock: are you sure you meant to say that ?:wink:

Wow Russell, talk about about NEGATIVE advertising!!! LOL, Just kidding!

Actually if you take what you just said, and apply it to what I said, you get the basis for a great campaign! :wink:

Yeah… has me kinda worried! :shock::shock::shock:

(IMO) I would like a super great home inspection video. Tailored to the prospecting clients feelings at that moment they visit my website.

  1. they are excited about their purchase
  2. some trust their re agents referrals
  3. the curious clients will seek more information about a home inspection

This super great home inspection video should be tailored to the benefits of hiring an elite NACHI member.

  1. _________ makes us a knotch above the rest

I’m not interested in a video that is about teaching specific’s. That’s my duty on the home inspection.

I want something that will sell me.


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