I Need Tablecloths!!!

I am having some issues with certain members returning tablecloths in a timely manner. If you need the cloth for an extended period of time, please call me and let me know (303.502.6214). To the others I have called continously, please return them so other members can have one in time for their event too. If I still do not receive some of the cloths back by next week, I’ll post the names as an extra reminder;)

Thanks to everyone who has used and returned them, I’m sure other members appreciate it too!!!:slight_smile:

We purchased 25 more yesterday http://www.nachi.org/tablecloths.htm

But please return them if you borrow them.

The new cloths were just ordered yesterday & take about 3-4 weeks to arrive! I do need some returned so that I can get everyone taken care of for September!!!:smiley:

I am working on getting the order expedited.

Looks like NACHI should have them by the 22nd of September.

There are lots of other imprinted items available for you to promote your business at:

Certified NACHI Store

Sending one back Monday, Liza. Do you need both?

We can have ome made up, locally (and include our chapter name) if you could send us the image file for the logo.


I do have more ordered but I can do either for you Will. I don’t mind if the cloths can be circulated around a specific area (I have one located in Canada for that purpose) but when I don’t even have enough to cover a few members needing them asap it becomes a problem. I appreciate you sending the one back on Monday…:wink:

We don’t have anything planned for a couple of weeks. Please send the image file for the logo (if you would) and I will send back the two I have.

I have an embroiderer who will make one up for us in a couple of days.