I need to do a ride along can you help?

Im currently finishing up my courses to become an HI, and part of the final is to do a ridealong with someone certifed and part of an organization. Im in the philadelphia area, and can travel some and would really appriciate any help anyone can give. I would need to do the ride along within the next 3 weeks from today, most likely the end of next week if possible or early the following week, anyone that can help i would be most appriciative…

thakyou for your time…


Sorry Adam I am 439 miles I am sure some one closer should help but If you get Hung up Call me.
… Cookie

that is true, very far distance to go for a ride along, but thanks anyway, ill keep ur offer in mind.


Try Chris at A2Z home inspections. chris@a2zpa.com
He is in Stroudsburg, Pa. and might know someone closer.


cool thanks

If you join the local chapter , you will find most inspectors willing to help.

the thing thats killing me is that i was talking to this one guy who agreed and then dissappeared before i receive an email or phone number


Call Chris Duphilly A2Z Home Inspections. Toll Free 1-877-305-4975. He will help you with a ride along. He can also help you join the chapter.

Patrick Wiseman

I will be posting the meeting dates for The Greater Philadelphia Chapter by the end of this week. You can check out the chapter website at http://pa.nachi.org/greaterphiladelphia for upcoming events.

are there events going on soon, the last thing i saw on there was back in november

Check the Chapter website now…Education events have been updated. I will be putting up the informal meeting dates by the end of the week.

Hi Pat … hope to see you at the Feb. 14th meeting! I’m getting lip from some inspectors that want to take their wives out that night, but if the electrician wants to do a presentation on "halmark’s bogus holiday started for the sole purpose to increase their bottom line then so be it!:mrgreen:

Adam, you can ride with me anytime if you are up to making the trip. NO CHARGE.

Feel free to call or email me anytime, I’ll try to help you find someone closer to your area as well. In the mean time it would be very beneficial to join Scott’s Philly Chapter!