I need website help

Can someone help me do a very simple [theoretically, not for me] website for Law and Disorder Continuing Education Seminar that I will be presenting at approximately 100 venues next year?

I have Microsoft Publisher but I only need a couple of pages: 1. Course Description; 2. Syllabus 3. Schedule of Seminars 4. Venues 5. Registration and 6. Payment.

I’m clueless. Prefer email contact: josephferry@verizon.net

Hi Joe,

1 through 4 are very easy, but 5 and 6 are technically tougher, frankly if I were you I would go to one of NACHI’s web specialists to get this done, I would talk to either Roberta at grassfrog or Inspection Depot.

Feel free to call me if you need help.

All the best


BTW, forget about MS Publisher it writes terrible code, look for a solution with an on line WYSIWYG editor, so you can easily modify the pages content


Do you already have a website to publish this on? Even if you have microsoft publisher you still need a server to upload it to. also, I am assuming you have all the info organized to put on your site, you are just looking to code it to a site, is that correct? email me at info@kennyhomeinspections.com with your specific’s, i know someone who can probably help you.


I offer free web help to all NACHI members. Do you have all site content?