I Need Your Help!

I’m starting to write a book called, “Confessions Of A Home Inspector”. I’ve seen so many weird things in the homes I’ve inspected that I wanted to share them. I don’t know if it will ever get published but I thought I would write it anyway. I’m writing it in the style of “The Help”. In the first chapter I’m including short stories of what I’ve experienced in houses. The second chapter is a compilation of funny quotes I’ve heard clients or homeowners say. One example of a quote I’ve included is, “The attic access - oh I think its in the basement!”

I’ve only been inspecting for 4 years and I don’t have enough to fill up an entire book so I’d love to get stories from some of you guys as well if you are interested in contributing. Add them here or message me. I’m pretty excited about this project!

http://www.charleston-home-inspector.com/blogs-why-I-charge-more-for-crawlspaces.html%20%20%20%20 :|.)

Thanks for the chuckle …Charles

We’ll sell it for you on www.InspectorOutlet.com One thing you can do is let us sell it as a PDF at first. We do that first with most of the books we release.

That’s a great story, Michael. I’ll definitely include it!!

That’s a very generous offer! That would be great!!

The price point for a downloadable PDF is $10.

All our PDFs on InspectorOutlet are $9.99: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/downloads.aspx

All my contractor marketing PDFs at the Contractors Association are $10: http://www.bigredsledge.com/Downloads-s/1477.htm

Someday I’ll have to write about the underground grow room I saw today, completely hidden entrance behind a wood paneled wall! It’s own 200 amp panel and ducting system. All in a nice rural McMansion with a pool. What a freak show.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the pet alligator! :o

You may make yourself a target.

I like the idea. I’m sure it would be funny, but Roy is right. Writting a tell all book may get you into legal problems.

Think about it. If it were such a great idea, why hasn’t InterNACHI already written one?

The way I see it, if I have submissions from all over North America I can keep the stories vague enough that the location (and specific details) won’t be known. The house may be down the street or on the other side of the continent. No names or locations would be used.