I new I was in for it when

Well the owner was there when I got there, your typical retired guy with nothing better to do with his time, then I viewed the Shopsmith super utility saw station in the garage.
Among the things that he made himself was the entire kitchen, bases boxes drawers and doors. solid flat (well almost flat) maple doors complete with the visible uneven joint lines where he attempted to glue up the panels.
The drawer boxes were 1/4 plywood glued and nailed and bowed and out of square.
The pull out drawers bound up on the inside of the doors and would not come out without some effort.

On to the living room where he decided to make interior plantation shutters, lets just say they looked great from the kitchen.

So then I go to open up the murphy bed, WOW that sunufagun was heavy since he never bought the counterbalance spring kit. The only thing holding this thing from crushing the house cat was a wood dowel through the top edge.

needless to say I offered to buy the Shopsmith saw as a matter of safety.

Hey… as long as he stayed away from structural it will be OK.

Yeah, usually its the amateur electricians that do the most damage.

A useless piece of equipment that does multi-fucntion, one at a time and a homeowner that doesn’t have a clue, now that is a pretty good match. :):wink: