I opened a checking account and the bank pulled my credit report.

They say they now pull credit reports just to open a bank account as part of Homeland Security. It showed up the following day as a hard inquiry on my credit report.

New Ways Bankers Are Spying on You

Bank-Depositor Behavior Scores
Fair Isaac, the creator of the widely used FICO (credit score, is marketing bank-depositor behavior scores, which are used by banks to assess their own customers.
The scores are based on balances, deposit records and withdrawal activity,

That’s been happening since about 9/12/01.

Same happened to me a few weeks ago.

What I also find frustrating is the following.

Go to creditor #1 they pull a report and make an offer for purchase.
You don’t like their offer and leave.

Go to creditor #2 they pull a report and deny you because creditor #1 pulled a report, and lowered your score.
or its is believed that you were denied credit because you are looking elsewhere.

I had a big fight with my bank over this same subject. I had an account already opened for the family trust. Been active for years. In order to have my son’s student loans auto deducted from this account, I needed his name on the account. Not as a signatory, but just to put his name on the account. They would not do it unless they ran a credit report on him.

the government loves us all and just want’s to protect us from the cave men w/ ak’s so we just all have to trust govermnet because history shows us that government is to be trusted.

BTW, what is a “govermnet”???

With all the identity theaft scammers out there, they are just trying to protect you and themelves.