i pad inspections

Does anybody have any good software or advice on using the i pad for inspections?

I use palm-tech. I does a good job

Home Inspector Pro is the best.

The iPad is large to place in your pocket while doing your inspection in my opinion I use my IPhone

I use Home Inspector Pro(HIP) on an iPad mini. I personally found the phone to be too small of a screen but it’s definitely a personal preference decision. What I like about the iPad mini is that it’s not too large to fit in a side belt pouch or large pocket but it is big enough to give you a good clear view when reviewing photos with clients using the summary feature of HIP Mobile.

Isn’t easier to just show them in person since they are there ?

Not really, very few people stay by my side the entire inspection if they attend the entire inspection at all. I don’t want to have to review things twice, the inspection’s already long enough.

Me either which is why I avoid photo review other than the roof or attic.
Clients are called if distracted and usually hang with after several callouts to come look.

HomeGauge will have an iPhone app soon. I believe the main software will still require a Microsoft Windows device.

TapInspect works very well.
Nice reports and you can create your own templates. Well priced too

hip hip hip hip hip hip hip hip hip hip hip hip

I have tried all the biggies and hip stood out in service , support and while I’d does more that I use, it’s extremely easy to use . The integration is great and over the past two weeks I have attempted to use my new samsung galaxy 3…7" tablet and while it works fine it is not even close to as fast and fluid as my apple products. I have iPhone , iPad mini and iPad and use them all in different conditions and often together and just merge the reports when I get home.
Call or email me anytime and I’ll be happy to discuss.

Just wait until you see the new summary feature I finished tonight. It’s soooo sweet!

You tease! I just drooled on myself. :slight_smile:

I have been really putting the mobile through it’s paces. Over the past three or four months I have changed and re-arranged my template repeatedly, upgraded my lists and comments, completed all my [NOTE]] title for EVERY comment and I have changed my inspection path and process four or five times, testing out each method for several weeks. All this in an effort to find the best combination of how I do the inspection and how my template is designed. It’s not an easy process, but I’m getting closer to finding my best usage.

Just in time for you to add new features! DOH! :slight_smile:

Bwahahaha :smiley: I guess that’s better than causing you to piss yourself! Do I have you on the TestFlight app so that I can push iPad/iPhone Beta versions to you?

I don’t know, the last beta you just emailed a notice to me about it.

I use them, they offer free trial. I have a report sample on my web site feel free to have a look.

Edit: the app works from iphone or ipad, you can even sync devices and do half the report on one and open it in the other to review or edit.

Think I’m on Dom? Ok… Ok I did per myself!!! But that’s an old age thing…:slight_smile:

haha it’s okay George. I understand that you’re excited :smiley:

I have been using Spectacular software for a couple of years now and its wonderful I started with there windows version and later moved to the ipad for on the spot photos they were able to transfer my old program and comments …

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