I Passed!!!

I aced my NHIE and my TX exams. Exited to start this new journey. Thanks to nachi and fellow HI’s for all the help.



Thank you

Now the fun begins brother

Congratulations. Now turn the focus you applied to that test towards your marketing.

Also, meet my brother in Dallas or Houston next month: http://www.nachi.org/owens-corning-roof-warranty-program-press-release.htm

Yep, and I’m ready. Nick I’ll be there. Look forward to it.

Way to go!

Awesome congratulations!!!


Thank you. I appreciate it


Congratulations! Have fun and good luck with everything else.

Stay focused Brian, don’t give up.



Great start Brian!

When you get a chance, fill out your profile info so we know where you’re from.
Somewhere in Tx of course.

And if it’s ok tell us a bit about yourself, background and how you decided to become an HI.

IMHO you’ve found your way into one of the best occupations around!
I find it a very enjoyable way to make a very good living, I like interacting with people and helping them to better understand their home to be. I respect and am respected by the agents I deal with and am referred by. I was a GC for 22 years and found that to be a pretty stressful occupation. Am happy every day that I made the switch to inspecting!