I Passed

Passed the PSI National Home Inspector Test!. Thanks all for the help.

Congratulations !


Congrats! Now what?





Congrats, now the real work begins…

Good job:D:D


Good Question Jeff :-). I have a couple of offers to shadow Inspectors… I need to do that for at least 6 - 12 times and hope I can assist in some inspections to gain some experience. Of course have to tool up, get the web site and other marketing started… it’s a long road but at least I am on it now.

I recommend you get your website started first as it takes time for it to begin producing, sometimes as long as a year or longer. As for your tools, purchase only the basics until you do a few ride along’s and see what you actually need. Many new inspectors overspend on tools when they could do without some of the gimmick tools, thus they could have purchased quality tools instead of entry level stuff they will need to replace in a couple of years.

I, as an inspector with a lot of experience, can only agree with Jeffrey’s suggestions! Keep it simple!


Thank you… All…