I passed.

I passed the Inspector of Structures license test here in Nevada today. Now onto sending all of the info to the state for my license and setting up a legal entity. Thanks InterNachi for the awesome education that you provide, I know it really helped me study for the test. I also have to hand a thank you to my instructors here in town.



I see you are in Nevada. InterNACHI’s courses are approved for continuing education in Nevada as well: www.nachi.org/nevada


I plan on utilizing every one of the classes offered.

Well done…

nice job.


Thanks guys!



Congrats Jeremy! I am in the process of taking the on-line course and look forward to the day when I can say the same thing…


Awesome, good job and congratulations! Now off you go and be a proud addition to the industry! Home inspection requires skill, something that you will get once you do your series of home inspection.

Artie, good luck to you as well. You’ll make it, just have faith. :wink: