I purchased 100 of these to give out for free to members. First 100 win.

I’ve purchased 100 of Joe Ferry’s Law and Disorder video seminars at a bulk discount and am giving them away to the first 100 members who want it.

Here is the seminar http://joeferry.com/2013/03/04/joe-ferry-tv-the-law-and-disorder-seminar-is-now-available-online/

It normally costs $79.95 but members can get it for free by emailing Joe Ferry and telling him you want one of Nick’s 100 free copies: homeinspectorlawyer@gmail.com

99 left.

98 left.

97 left.

I sent him the email.

I don’t have that one Nick so I would love to add it to my collection.

I sent him also.

Thanks Nick.

thanks Nick

94 left

Thanks Nick


Thanks Nick

I’m surprised you weren’t first . Since you always want something for nothing .

Trolling !

Well, aren’t you the “piece-‘o’-crap” of the day!

Quit S-T-A-L-K-I-N-G me!!!

Sent. Glad I held off, I had it bookmarked to purchase in the next few weeks. Thanks Nick!

I would take a copy…

Free is for me!!

We need more giveaways, you running a tight ship these days Mr G!!

I sent an email to him…thanks Nick

Email is sent, thanks Nick.

Thanks Nick and Joe!