I really liked Obama's speech. I gotta give credit where credit is due.

Hey Obama, want to be our greatest President? Do this tomorrow:

  1. Stop the fiat money printing presses.
  2. Cut corporate taxes in half.
  3. Bring all our boys home and replace them with unmanned, armed, remote-controlled drones.
  4. Surgically strike N. Korea’s nuclear program.
  5. Announce that the whole racism thing is over and that no one should ever breathe a word of it again.

North Korea is China’s puppet state Nick. Perhaps your understanding of History is not so good, but it did not turn out well for us the last time we messsed about in Korea.

Don’t go into Korea. Surgically strike their nuclear program and announce that we are doing the same to any other country that starts one.

That will piss off China. Who not only have their own nukes, but all of our debt. :frowning:

On the up side, gold will go throuh the roof. :smiley:

Gold’s going to $5K an ounce. Don’t be fooled by this week’s head fake.


$2K at least, in 2010.

Obama said all along that his priority was Afghanistan and that Iraq was a mistake.

He is doing what he said all along.

I watched the bulk of the speech he made on TV too and was impressed. No wonder he won the presidency, no notes, no teleprompter, no hesitations a simply amazing performance. I was proud of his performance as an American president. Possibly the best performance and speach ever given by ANY american abroad. Now we have to win the wars(s) balance the budget (the one we threw out the window) and get everybody to like us again. FAT CHANCE. the speach was amazing though!

I have to agree, but there remains a distinct possibillity for 820 to also get hit before that.

I don’t give a rats a*& what his “speeches” say, his party trumps the person.

The people he associates with tell more about the man, than his polished speeches.
And he has a lot of leftists, radicals, and plain socialists on his ticket that are making the rules for now…
I still don’t like him, and think all their actions are wrong for America.:roll:

But the speech certainly did sound good…

I agree.

An excellent articulation of a doctrine that will carry us through the rest of the century. It is an example of his great leadership that the President of the United States could take an opportunity like this to take the world stage and build on his momentum to regain the global respect our country once had.

I disagree with his detractors. I think America is strong enough and resourceful enough to live up the ambitions of this leader.

It takes guts to order a much needed 30,000 troop build-up to win a war…on your way to accept a prematurely awarded Nobel Peace Prize.

He certainly made the most of what many had hoped to be a bad experience for him.

Yep, the very same excuse the Scribes & Pharisee’s used to condemn Jesus to death.

Mean while the American people have NO clue as to the restructuring taking place behind the scenes. Our freedom is going to be legislated into non-existence. Wonderful articulated speeches are to sooth the masses of asses that don’t understand what is happening. Hollywood BS continues to rule … WHO cares if Tiger wood got some on the side… YET how may of YOU see the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and the SHEEP in congress willing to give MORE power to entities without THE peoples voice involved… Hmmm NO your government is NOT working for you… Yes the words are there… People this and people that… BULL$h1T… Healthcare control, Financial "regulation is just a fancy way of making you THINK it’s under control… You can’t Fart without the EPA and the UN telling you need to send money to the 3rd world…because YOU pollute… Oh by the way… One world currency is comming… Look beyond the local BS news people… OPEN your eyes to the WORLD events and see how the U.S. is being corralled / margininalized while we appoloize for saving this planet from dictators only to HAND it over to those who will dictate our future…

Mister gloom and doom…
Perhaps someone here can explain why Russia is willing to selling “carbon emissions credits” and is pushing for legally binding global climate legistaion (world wide)… Anyone??

Please spare us in equating Obama with the Messiah.

Please spare us equating someones “messiah” with Obama :wink:


Rag on Joe. He started it.

Ever heard of personal responsibility Mike :wink: you’re way to easy, now take this to members mostly :mrgreen:


I’ll say it in a different way.

Until you rag on joe I will ignore your plea.

Keep it up Buddy, you come off as a petulent 7 year old " He started it, it isn’t my fault, I wouldn’t have commented if he hadn’t… " Yada yada yada.

It’s old man